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You may already be qualified for legal status in the U.S. and not know it! Let us help you get legal status and more in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Immigration Attorneys

Experienced Immigration Lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Miller & Miller Immigration Lawyers, LLC has been a trusted name for Wisconsin residents when it comes to legal matters. Our compassionate Milwaukee immigration attorneys are ready to help you with your green card applications, adjustment of status, application for citizenship, and other immigration concerns!

Ever dream of becoming a U.S citizen? Let our immigration attorneys assist you throughout the immigration process. We will answer any inquiries you may have!

Green Cards

Not sure if you are eligible for a green card? Our Milwaukee immigration attorney can guide you through the application process. 

U.S. Citizenship

Have you been a green card holder for some time? You may already be eligible to apply for citizenship. Know more about the naturalization process by scheduling a consultation with one of our Milwaukee attorneys. We offer free initial consultations!

Fiancé/Marriage Visa

Do you have plans of marrying an immigrant? Miller & Miller Immigration Lawyers, LLC can help get your better half into the U.S. legally.

Ask a Milwaukee Immigration Attorney

Do you have any concerns about your immigration status?

Talk to our Milwaukee immigration attorneys in Wisconsin. Find out if you’re eligible for legal status in the U.S. Know more about immigration laws and processes.

Start Your Immigration Journey With Us!


Have a stress-free green card application. Avoid rejection and unnecessary delays in your green card application!


Accelerate the process of sponsoring your loved ones through a family-based immigration petition.


Be reunited with your loved one. Our immigration attorneys will guide you throughout the process.


Find out if you can become a U.S. citizen. Learn about eligibility and the application process.


Get legal status in the U.S. Learn about this pathway for unauthorized immigrant victims.


Adjust your status while you are in the U.S. Become a legal permanent resident.

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Do you have any immigration inquiries?

You can find out now if you may be eligible for legal status in the U.S.
We are happy to answer questions about immigration law.

No Case is Too Difficult for Our Milwaukee Immigration Attorneys

Whether you are seeking naturalization or citizenship in the US or just about to get a visa for you and your family or your fiancé, turn to a reliable and experienced Milwaukee Immigration Attorneys.

At Miller & Miller Immigration, we treat every application equally and with urgency. We know how time flies, next thing we know we are way past our due date. But for “Living the US Dream” goals, we will never let you get past your target year. We’ll work on your case swiftly.

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Client Testimonials

When I call the office everyone is friendly and patient. I appreciate that Emma was especially helpful with answering my questions. They really helped me through a hard time. I would highly recommend them.
I've had the pleasure of knowing this firm for many years. I've worked with their attorneys on various cases and have found them to be professional, effective communicators, and compassionate with their clients. I've also had the pleasure of working with Joe Coll on a number of matters over the years. He's a zealous and compassionate advocate for consumers; the legal profession could use more people like him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the immigration process in the US? You can rely on our Wisconsin immigration attorney to answer them for you.

Why do I need a green card?

Green cards are proof that you’re authorized to live and work in the U.S. Green card holders are qualified to apply for citizenship after three or five years, depending on how they got their green cards. A green card is issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for those with lawful permanent resident status in the United States. 

Should I apply for a marriage or fiancé visa?

A marriage green card or visa is available for spouses of green card holders and U.S. citizens and provides permanent residence. On the other hand, a fiancé or K-1 visa is a temporary visa available to the fiancés of U.S. citizens. Once they enter the country, they should get married within 90 days.

Can I lose my green card?

If you’re a green card holder, you must not stay outside of the United States for more than one year without receiving approval from USCIS. Otherwise, you could lose your green card. Staying outside of the United States for more than six months can also affect your continuous residency required for naturalization.

Do I need to hire an immigration attorney?

If you’re an immigrant, it is essential to consult an attorney in all stages of the immigration process. It may seem like the application process is simple, but it can be tricky. You’d need the help of a reliable immigration lawyer to help you successfully fill out necessary immigration forms and answer the questions correctly.

Can more than one US Family petitioner petition for the same immigrant?  

In order to begin the immigration procedure (which will eventually result in a green card) for a foreign national, more than one close relative in the U.S. with citizenship or permanent residence status need not be chosen. The “petitioner” can be any or all of the person’s American relatives.

When are kids allowed to enter the US as “derivatives” of their parents?

Two conditions must be satisfied for a child to qualify as a derived beneficiary. First, the child must be a “child” as defined by U.S. immigration law. Second, the parent (“lead beneficiary”) must be qualified for an immigrant visa category that recognizes “derived beneficiaries,” or family members who are permitted to “accompany or follow to join” the lead beneficiary.

Which US visa is comparatively simple to obtain?

A “B” tourist visa is frequently the simplest and most suitable to obtain. The B visa is a nonimmigrant visa for anyone wishing to temporarily enter the United States for business (B-1) or for leisure or medical treatment (B-2).

What causes the denial of a US visa application?

The acts of the applicant, such as drug use or criminal activity, as examples, may disqualify the applicant for a visa. The applicant is typically informed of the specific statute that is relevant if their request for a visa is denied.

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