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Ways to Help Your Spouse Immigrate to the United States

Live Your American Dream. Learn Ways To Help Your Spouse Immigrate To The US.

The main reasons why people seek spouse immigration to the USA are to reunite with their loved ones, have a family, and take advantage of the opportunity, stability, and standard of living that the nation has to offer. But did you know some ways to help your spouse immigrate to the United States? With the help of an immigration lawyer, your application increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

Spouse immigration promotes family unity, which benefits immigrants’ well-being as well as the cultural variety and economic development of the host nation. This results in a win-win situation for immigrants and their new country. In order to successfully navigate the complex process of spouse immigration, Milwaukee immigration attorneys play a significant role. 

At Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys, we have an in-depth understanding of immigration laws, rules, and procedures, so they can make sure that all required paperwork is correctly filled out and submitted on time.  Our immigration lawyers can offer individualized advice, assisting immigrants in understanding their rights, choices, and potential obstacles they may run into while going through the spouse immigration process.

What Are The Ways To Help Your Spouse Immigrate in the USA?

There are many ways you can help your spouse in their quest for immigration, regardless of whether you are a citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident, from comprehending the procedure to offering emotional support. You may help your spouse have a successful immigration outcome and create a future in the United States by adhering to these recommendations and getting the right legal advice.

  • Marriage-Based Green Card

You can sponsor your spouse for a marriage-based green card if you’re a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (holder of a green card). Once the relationship has been established through the filing of an immigrant petition (Form I-130), your spouse can apply for an immigrant visa or change their status if they are currently in the country.

  • Knowing the Immigration Procedures

Learn about the prerequisites and immigration procedure. This will provide you the opportunity to walk your spouse through the numerous procedures, paperwork, and documents required for their application.

  • Seek Legal Counsel

Think about speaking with an immigration lawyer who focuses on family-based immigration. They may offer professional advice, assist you in navigating the intricate paperwork, and make sure you adhere to all legal requirements.

  • Financial Support

To prove your ability to financially support your spouse as a sponsor, you might need to meet certain income standards. For the immigration procedure, it’s crucial to make sure you earn the required minimum income.

  • Gather Documentation

Help your spouse collect the evidence they’ll need to bolster their immigration case. This can contain documents proving your relationship’s legality, such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, passports, financial support documentation, and other supporting documents.

  • Affidavit of Support Preparation

You will be needed to provide an Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) as the sponsor to prove that your spouse won’t become a burden on society. To complete this form, you must be aware of your financial commitments and give accurate information.

  • Attend Interviews

Be ready to accompany your spouse to interviews. To confirm the validity of your marriage and determine your suitability as a sponsor, USCIS may ask you to go through an interview. Together, attend the interviews and answer the officer’s questions honestly and consistently.

Due to the complexity of immigration rules and procedures, hiring a Milwaukee immigration attorney is crucial in the process of assisting your spouse’s immigration to the United States. An immigration attorney can make sure that the required paperwork is correctly filled out, help with compiling the necessary evidence, and represent your spouse’s interests throughout any interviews or court procedures.

How to Bring Your Spouse to the United States?

You must either have a green card or be a citizen of the United States to bring your spouse to live permanently in the country. Depending on your existing situation, there may also be some other requirements.

You are a citizen of the United States, and your spouse is a resident of the country legally.

You must make sure you haven’t committed any offenses covered by the Adam Walsh Act, precisely complete USCIS forms I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131, and I-130A, and closely adhere to the instructions provided in order to apply for an alien relative and modify your status.

If you are a citizen of the United States and your spouse lives abroad

The I-130 form, I-130A form, and two passport-size photos of your spouse must be submitted to start the immigration process. Once the case has been approved, it will be forwarded to the National Visa Center to gather interview information, payment of fees, and further instructions. It is imperative to follow NVC instructions promptly to prevent processing delays.

If your spouse has a green card but lives abroad

To avoid severe processing delays, submit the I-130 form and, after approval, carefully follow the National Visa Center’s instructions.

If you have a green card and your spouse is an American citizen who is legally resident

File I-130, wait for a current priority date, spouse completes I-485, maintains lawful status, follows instructions.

Due to their proficiency in handling complicated immigration laws, regulations, and processes, Milwaukee immigration attorneys are essential in the process of bringing a spouse to the United States. Milwaukee immigration attorneys can offer crucial advice and help with completing and submitting the required forms, making sure all required paperwork is exact and full, and advocating for the petitioner’s interests throughout the procedure.

Call Our Milwaukee Immigration Lawyers Now!

By offering professional advice, assistance, and advocacy throughout the challenging immigration process, an immigration attorney can be a vital friend in helping you bring your immigrant spouse to the United States. An attorney, who has in-depth knowledge of immigration rules and regulations, can guide you through the complicated paperwork, obtain the required evidence, and make sure you comply with all legal requirements. 

Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys are Milwaukee immigration attorneys that are skilled and knowledgeable about immigration law and can help you with your questions and concerns. We provide free initial consultation and also other services like Bankruptcy and Personal Injury.

Additionally, our immigration lawyers can help you build a compelling argument, defend your interests in front of immigration officials, and deal with any challenges or issues that could come up. An immigration lawyer can be a great ally in helping you reconcile with your spouse and realize your goal of establishing a life together in the United States, thanks to their professional experience. 

Reach out to our Milwaukee immigration lawyers now to know more about your chances of bringing your spouse to the United States. 

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