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Keeping, Renewing and Replacing Your Green Card

What Do You Need To Know About Keeping, Renewing, and Replacing Your Green Card?

Foreign nationals strive to obtain a green card in the United States of America because it provides the chance for permanent residence, access to greater employment options, and a route to citizenship in a nation renowned for its economic potential and cultural variety. Obtaining a green card in the USA can be a difficult procedure that involves a lengthy application process. If you are one of those lucky ones who already got their green card, know that keeping, renewing, and replacing your green card is an advantage. 

Our Milwaukee immigration lawyers can aid candidates in understanding eligibility requirements, gathering required paperwork, and navigating the application and renewal processes. Milwaukee immigration lawyers may also offer vital assistance in the event of difficulties, such as misplaced or stolen green cards or potential problems that may come up during the renewal process, ensuring that people can preserve their lawful permanent resident status and benefit from its advantages.

How to Keep Your Green Card?

For a number of reasons, keeping your green card in the USA is crucial. You are given the capacity to live and work in the US legally for all time. It provides stability, security, and a wealth of chances for both professional and personal development. Additionally, you have access to a range of advantages and privileges, including social security, access to healthcare, and the power to sponsor family members for immigration.

Several guidelines to help in maintaining your green card include:

  • Maintain Permanent Residence

A re-entry permit (Form I-131) enables you to leave the country for up to two years without endangering your green card status if you intend to travel for an extended period of time while holding a green card, which is necessary as a condition of your status.

  • Avoid Criminal Activity

It is crucial to abide by US laws and keep a clean criminal record since engaging in criminal activity, particularly major charges like felonies, drug offenses, or crimes of moral turpitude, can lead to deportation procedures and the revocation of your green card.

  • File Taxes

Green card holders must demonstrate their commitment to responsible residency by accurately reporting their income and filing federal and state tax forms.

  • Avoid Abandonment of Residence

Avoid lengthy absences from the United States without a visa, and limit shorter travels overseas to no more than six months in order to protect your green card. Prolonged stays could raise questions about whether you are giving up your permanent residency.

  • Renew Your Green Card

Before the green card’s ten-year validity expires, you must complete a Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card.

You can benefit greatly from the assistance of Milwaukee immigration lawyers if you want to keep your green card in the USA. They can answer any worries or queries you may have and offer individualized advice catered to your particular situation. Milwaukee Immigration Attorney can protect your green card status with their knowledge and experience, giving you peace of mind and a greater chance of successfully retaining your legal permanent residency.

What to Know About Green Card Renewal in the USA?

It is crucial to renew your green card since it confirms your legal resident status in the US and enables you to live, work, and study there without any restrictions.

  • Application Process for Renewal of a Green Card

The USCIS Form I-90, which can be downloaded for free from the USCIS website, must be filled out and submitted as part of the application procedure for a new U.S. green card. You can also submit this form to USCIS online, but you’ll need a scanner to upload any supporting materials you have, like a scan of your green card.

You will need to pay a fee for this application. It’s currently $455 plus $85 for biometrics (figure varies, best to check always).

A few weeks after completing your renewal application, you will be invited for a biometrics appointment at a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC). The FBI database will then be searched using your fingerprints.

  • What Happens If USCIS Rejects Your Green Card Renewal Before It Expires?

When working with USCIS, delays and backups are frequent occurrences. In light of this, it frequently extends the validity of green cards through the Form I-90 receipt notes it sends out. You will automatically receive this extension if you submit a full I-90 application along with the required cost.

Normal extensions last for 12 months, but recent abnormally long wait times necessitated a 24-month extension.

You can present the receipt notices and your expired green card if you must demonstrate your status as a permanent resident, such as while you are traveling or looking for work.

Milwaukee immigration lawyers can offer helpful guidance, help with the submission of required papers, and address any potential issues that can crop up during the renewal process. Milwaukee immigration lawyers skills greatly raise the possibility of a successful Green Card renewal, giving them the required legal defense, and guaranteeing their ongoing legal presence in the United States.

What is the Difference Between Renewal and Replacement of Green Cards?

Replacement of a Green Card involves obtaining a new card due to loss, theft, damage, or incorrect information, while the Renewal of a Green Card is the process of obtaining a new card when the current one is nearing its expiration or has already expired.

As discussed above, that is the process of renewing of green card. Here is for the replacement of  green card:

When your current Green Card is damaged, lost, stolen, or contains inaccurate information, this procedure is carried out. Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, is used to submit the replacement application. It entails turning in the necessary paperwork, paying the filing fee, and, occasionally, going to a biometric appointment and interview. Unless the card was less than six months away from expiration, the replacement Green Card will have the same expiration date as the original.

They are essential in handling intricate documentation and navigating legal regulations to ensure a quick and easy replacement process. Wisconsin immigration attorneys may offer invaluable advice and counsel, assisting clients in understanding their legal obligations, compiling the required paperwork, and navigating any difficulties that could emerge along the way. 

Call Our Milwaukee Immigration Attorney Now!

Due to their knowledge of immigration law and procedures, Wisconsin immigration attorney is quite helpful when it comes to keeping, renewing, and replacing your Green Card. Wisconsin immigration attorneys can provide you with accurate and current information because they have an in-depth understanding of the intricate and constantly evolving immigration laws.

Our legal team at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys can help you navigate the complex application procedures while assisting you in avoiding mistakes that frequently result in delays or even rejections. Our  Milwaukee immigration lawyers can persuasively advocate on your behalf, making a compelling argument to immigration officials and handling any potential legal complications. 

Your worries can be put to rest knowing that your Green Card-related issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently thanks to their knowledge and understanding of the system. Reach out to our Wisconsin immigration attorney to schedule a free initial consultation.

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