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TN Visa

TN Visa Attorney in Milwaukee, WI

There may be a point in your career when you think that you’re not getting compensated well enough for your skills and effort. This may be true if you’re working in a country where paying a premium for your services isn’t necessarily practical.  If you’re someone from Canada or Mexico who wants to work in the United States as an engineer, accountant, lawyer, teacher, scientist, or pharmacist, a TN visa attorney in Milwaukee, WI should help you attain that.

Helping immigrants and their families fulfill their dream of settling in the United States is what we at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys do best. We can help you reside in the US permanently by seeing if you’re qualified before you even realize it. So if you need the services of a TN Visa attorney Milwaukee, WI, give Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys a call right away!    

Why do I need a TN Visa Attorney in Wisconsin?

tn visa attorney milwaukee, wi Anyone who intends to get a TN visa in Wisconsin can benefit so much from the knowledge, skills, and experience a good immigration attorney possesses. Not only can they help make the process a lot easier and less stressful for you, but also significantly cheaper than when you do everything yourself. Having a TN visa attorney in Milwaukee, WI on your corner practically assures you that everything is done as quickly and precisely as possible.

Every immigration attorney we have possesses strong qualities an excellent TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI requires isuch as:

  • Commitment to preserving justice in both professional and personal life
  • Dedication to helping immigrants with all legal concerns big and small
  • Necessary experience to tackle any possible scenarios certain unique cases may present
  • Ability to provide highly-personalized legal assistance to all clients
  • Capable of handling a wide range of legal problems outside of immigration services

Our whole team at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys truly believe that no case is too difficult to tackle.  Simply fill up the form and a TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI will evaluate your case, no strings attached!

What is a TN Visa?

Currently, there is a special trade and economic relationship that involves the United States, Canada, and Mexico created by the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Because of this, qualified professionals from Canada and Mexico are allowed to work in the United States if they’re granted a temporary nonimmigrant (TN) visa. This gives Canadian and Mexican citizens a TN nonimmigrant classification or TN status that allows them to enter the United States temporarily for work or business activities.

You may find yourself asking your TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI lots of questions at the onset. The following are some facts that will help on your journey to obtaining your visa.

TN visa eligibility

You are able to seek admission in the United States and be eligible for TN nonimmigrant status as long as:

  • You are a Canadian or Mexican citizen
  • You are a qualified professional under the regulations
  • You have a prearranged part-time or full-time job with an employer in the United States and must not be self-employed
  • The position you are seeking requires a NAFTA professional

Talk to a TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI to get all the details of being eligible for an immigrant visa in the United States.

TN visa for Canadian citizens

Being a Canadian citizen should make you eligible for nonimmigrant status even if you don’t have a visa. This means that you are no longer required to go to the US consulate and apply for a TN visa. However, you still must present necessary documents to a United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer stationed in pre-flight/pre-clearance inspection areas. These documents include:

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • A letter written by a prospective employer which describes the following in detail: your job description, purpose of employment, education, and duration of stay in the United States
  • Evaluation of your credentials with necessary fees
  • USCIS-approved Form I-129 (if a prospective employer files on your behalf)

Seek assistance from a TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI if you need to know more about what other documents may be required for you to file for nonimmigrant status as a Canadian citizen.

TN visa for Mexican citizens

When applying for TN nonimmigrant status as a Mexican citizen, you are required to apply directly and be physically present at a United States embassy in Mexico. Once approved, you may proceed to a CBP-designated United States port of entry or pre-clearance/pre-flight inspection station to apply for admission. You should get admitted and get your TN visa once a CBP officer determines that you’re eligible. More information on the documents you need to apply for TN nonimmigrant status as a Mexican citizen can be found here.

TN visa allowed duration of stay

Your TN visa lets you stay in the United States for up to 3 years. If you want to go beyond the initial period of stay without leaving the country, you need to request for an extension of stay. This will be processed by your or your employer depending on where you are currently located.

Consulting with a TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI should go a long way in speeding up the process of extending your stay in the United States.

Call our TN Visa Attorney in Milwaukee Now!

Believe it or not, the information on the TN visa and the process of obtaining one you’ve read so far is just the tip of the iceberg! Getting in touch with a TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI allows you access to all the nitty gritty details. Our Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys team is more than capable of addressing your concerns and solving other immigration law problems that you have! 

Are you also having issues not related to immigration law? Look no further as we also practice in other areas like bankruptcy and personal injury.

Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys also caters to the following immigration law concerns:

  • Family-based immigration and concerns regarding family law
  • Employment based immigration
  • Green card application
  • Adjustment of status
  • T visa & U visa application
  • ICE enforcement
  • Unlawful presence waiver
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status
  • Temporary Protected status
  • Asylum and Refugee status

Do you need legal advice from a TN visa attorney Milwaukee, WI immediately? Feel free to visit our office for a consultation with our best lawyer! We are open from Mondays thru Fridays.

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