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Getting a US Visa

U.S. Visa Attorneys Serving Milwaukee, WI

Immigration to the United States is enabled through various visas. Our Milwaukee visa attorneys help individuals worldwide select the visa that fits most of their needs. 

Our Wisconsin immigration attorneys are well equipped, experienced, and reasonably priced, regardless of whether you are in the United States or plan to visit. It’s not simple to resolve your immigration issues on your own.

Allow our team of immigration attorneys to handle it. Having a US Visa attorney in Milwaukee, WI will save you time and money.

U.S. Visa Categories

In the U.S, there are two categories of visas: Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas

Immigrant Visas

For those who want to permanently live in the United States, immigrant visas are provided by the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS). Many immigrants who are given an immigration visa ultimately obtain a Green Card.

Non-Immigrant Visas

Foreign people who desire to visit the United States for several purposes are granted non-immigrant visas. Non-immigrant visas include tourist visas, student visas, and various employment-based visas.

Visitor Visas

A more popular type of non-immigrant Visa is the visitor visa. There are two types: B-1 and B-2 Visas.

  • The B1 visa is the visa which allows you to enter the US for business purposes with a company located in the US.
  • The  B2 visa, on the other hand, is for leisure. With a B2 Visa, you can tour the US or visit family and friends.

B1 and B2 Visa holders can stay in the US for a maximum of 180 days each visit.

Getting a New Visa

“Can I extend or renew my visa?” This has been a common inquiry at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys since visas have time limit.

Our common response? “It depends”. There are several requirements for renewing a visa’s status depending on its kind. In some instances, visas may be extended for a duration of 2-3 years, while others require you to leave the country for some length before reapplying.

US Visa attorney in Milwaukee, MO

What if I violate my visa terms?

The most common way to get illegal status in the United States is by overstaying one’s visa.  Aside from deportation risk, you may also be denied re-entry into the United States if you have overstayed your visa. Should you wish to remain legal and eligible for a visa renewal, you must remember when your current visa expires. If you are working with an immigration attorney, you should begin renewing your visa around six months before the expiry date. It is best to start the process of renewing your visa sooner rather than later.

What is the difference between a green card and a visa?​

A green card is a type of visa that allows legal permanent resident status. A green card holder may establish they are a permanent resident of the US and have been allowed certain rights, like living and working. They may also apply for a social security number, receive a driver’s license, attend public schools and colleges, or even join the military.

Nonetheless, they are not eligible to vote in any US election, nor run for public office. Only U.S. Citizens have the right to vote. Unless married to a US citizen, a person must hold a green card for at least five years before applying for citizenship.

How can a Milwaukee visa attorney help you?

We help families get green cards. Sponsorship is available to US residents, minor children, adult children, parents, and siblings, but not LPRs. 

If the family route does not apply to you, there are various employment-based green cards for multiple groups, including multinational executives, scholars, skilled workers, special category workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Specific categories only award a limited number of green cards each year, which is why completing your green card application correctly and providing accurate information is critical to receiving a green card. Our US Visa attorneys know what it takes to guarantee your personal story and information are properly considered.

Status of Illegality & Bar to Re-entry

If you enter the United States illegally, you’re already considered under unlawful status.

If you’ve overstayed your visa, call an immigration lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin immediately. Our legal team may be able to assist you in reducing the adverse effects.

You may face a three-year ban from re-entering the US if discovered to have been in the country illegally for less than six months.

Those who have been in the country illegally for more than six months face a 10-year ban. Provisional waivers of illegal status may be available in particular instances.

You’ll have a better chance of getting an immigration waiver if you consult with an immigration attorney.

Adjustment of Status in Wisconsin

If the necessary conditions are met, certain non-immigrant visas may be converted into immigrant visas. However, you must return to your place of origin for certain visas if you want to change your status in the United States. Before proceeding to change your immigration status, you should speak with an immigration attorney.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Obtaining U.S citizenship is always possible. However, illegal aliens or those in the country illegally may run into difficulties.

At Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys, our naturalization attorneys will determine if you are eligible for citizenship and help you complete your citizenship application if you do qualify.

Get in Touch with a Wisconsin Visa Attorney!​

Helping those who dream of going to the US through our immigration services is our business at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys. Our Wisconsin immigration attorneys can assist you in your journey to living permanently in the United States.

Call us immediately to talk with an immigration attorney in Wisconsin about your individual circumstances. Unless we feel we can assist you, we never charge for an initial immigration consultation.

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