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Special Immigrants

Special Immigrants Visa Attorney in Milwaukee, WI

Special Immigrants Visas (SIVs) are offered to people who worked in Afghanistan or Iraq as translators, interpreters, religious workers, or other professionals hired by the U.S. government.

SIVs are also offered to certain undocumented immigrants under 21 who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by their parents.

The SIV programs are open to those who qualify for these visas and dependents. Our experienced Immigration Lawyers in Milwaukee, WI, prioritize special immigrants like you who want to stay in the United States where you can start a new life.

Start your American Dream with us. We will help you secure your Special Immigrant Visa today. Contact or visit us now for legal assistance!

Why Do I Need a Special Immigrants Attorney in Wisconsin?

It is advantageous for special immigrants to have an immigration attorney on their side throughout the process of immigration The following are some benefits of getting a Special Immigrants Visa Attorney in Milwaukee, WI.

  • You won’t have to spend the time-consuming effort of compiling the supporting files and documentation on your own if you hire an immigration lawyer. They will take care of all potential immigration issues.
  • You must put a lot of work into the special immigrant visa application. Choosing an experienced immigration lawyer familiar with technical immigration law is necessary for some situations when you must consider a specific immigration policy.
  • They will handle your immigration case with urgency.

Our credible immigration visa attorneys are dedicated to providing top-notch legal support to make sure that the immigration processes for our clients go as smoothly as possible.

We will assist you in seizing the chance to live the American Dream. Get in touch with our law firm now!

What is a Special Immigrant Visa?

A Special Immigrant Visa or E-B4 visa is for the category of special immigrants. The group of special immigrants is the following:

  • Afghan and Iraqi Nationals who have provided services to support U.S. operations
  • Armed Forces Members
  • Afghan and Iraqi Translators
  • Panama Canal Zone Employee
  • International Employees of the U.S. Government who are stationed abroad
  • Religious workers or Ordained Ministers
  • Broadcasters
  • G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 Employees

These individuals will be granted an EB-4 visa if they can secure a job in the U.S. that is permanent and in their field of expertise.

Benefits of Special Immigrant Visa (E-B4)

The following are the benefits of getting a Special Immigrant Visa (E-B4)

    • They will be eligible to reside and work permanently in the U.S. with an EB-4 visa.
    • They are permitted to enter and exit the U.S.
    • They are also permitted to change jobs and relocate to any state within the U.S. they choose.
    • They must abide by U.S. rules and regulations and pay all necessary taxes.

Special Immigrants Visa Cap

The amount of EB-4 visas given each year is similarly limited, just as the number of employment-based visas. 7.1% of the 140,000 available employment-based visas go to special immigrants under the EB-4 category.

This equates to about 9,940 visas in a single year. Your application will be processed in the following years if this limit is reached for the current year.

Our Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys can help you secure your Special Immigrant Visa. We want to help you build your future here in the United States. Call us now!

What are the Requirements for Special Immigration Visa?

Applicants must fulfill several requirements to be granted an EB-4 visa. These requirements for eligibility are as follows:

  • The candidates must possess a legitimate, long-term job offer from a U.S. firm. The position cannot be temporary or part-time.
  • The job position must be within the candidates’ line of work; job offers from employers outside their area of expertise are not acceptable.
  • U.S. employers must show that their finances are secure in hiring a foreign worker.

Those who do not meet the requirements will not be permitted to hire EB-4 visa applicants or be able to apply for the EB-4 visa.

Without a Milwaukee special immigrants visa attorney on your side, navigating the complex area of immigration law can be difficult. Our law practice offers excellent service and handles each visa petition with care and urgency.

Don’t hesitate to seek legal help. Get in touch with our experienced Miller & Miller Immigration lawyers today!

How to Apply for Special Immigrants Visa?

The EB-4 visa application procedure is split into two stages that involve both the U.S. employer and the foreign employee or applicant:

  • The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must receive a petition from the employer on behalf of the foreign worker.
  • Upon approval, the foreign worker must apply for an EB-4 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

Filing the Petition

These are the things you need to remember when filing a petition for a Special Immigrant Visa:

To be permitted to employ a foreign worker, the U.S. employer needs USCIS approval. Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant, is used to make this request.

The form will contain the parts the employer must complete and any required supplementary information and records, such as tax returns, audit records, or financial statements.


There are circumstances where the foreign worker is permitted to self-petition; in these situations, they must review the document and call USCIS to check their eligibility.

Broadcaster Petition

A petition for an EB-4 visa must also be submitted by the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) or a grantee of the BBG if the applicant is a broadcaster.

The broadcaster must be active in the media and not be involved in the BBG’s technical or support functions.

The employer submits the petition, and USCIS processes it and notifies the party of their decision. The National Visa Center will take over the case if it is accepted (NVC). If rejected, a foreign worker cannot obtain an EB-4 visa, and the U.S. employer is not permitted to hire them.

File Form DS-261, Choice of Address and Agent

The Form DS-261 will be submitted online by the foreign worker or applicant. By inputting your case number, you, as the applicant, can access the form, which is the initial visa application.

After submitting, you will receive a confirmation page and number and must complete all required fields.

Complete Vaccination and Medical Examination

You may find the conditions for medical exams and vaccinations you need before traveling to the U.S. in the NVC packet.

You must do the necessary tests at a doctor’s with a license and receive the necessary vaccinations. The medical records must be connected to your supporting documentation and signed by your physician.

Gather the Supporting Documents

The NVC must approve your Form DS-261 before you may send the case’s supporting documentation. The following are the documents they need to see:

    • Your passport must remain valid for at least six months after you want to depart for the United States.
    • Your job offer from the U.S. company
    • The successful petition
    • Your confirmation page for the DS-261
    • Your dated vaccine and medical records
    • two photos that comply with the U.S. Visa Photo Requirements
    • academic accomplishments (diplomas and certificates)
    • Your resume or Curriculum Vitae
    • Criminal and court histories

You must follow the NVC’s directions carefully since they may demand additional supporting documentation.

Attend the Visa Interview

After reviewing your supporting documentation, NVC will schedule your visa interview if they do not need anything further. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you apply will host your visa interview. Most inquiries will center on your background and the factors that led to your immigration to the U.S.

Get the NVC Package and Depart for the U.S.

The U.S. official conducting the interview will determine your eligibility for the EB-4 visa. You will receive another NVC package if accepted, but you are not permitted to open it, no matter what happens.

When visiting the U.S., you must bring it with you and have a U.S. port of entry officially open it. After reviewing the documentation, the immigration official who receives the package determines whether or not you are permitted to enter the country.

The immigration process and Immigration Law can be exhausting and tiring, but Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys can lend you a hand. Contact our law firm today!

What is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)?

There is also a separate program called Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) which is a category of immigration open to some undocumented immigrants under the age of 21 who have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment at the hands of one or both of their parents.

Immigrants under twenty-one can apply for and be granted legal permanent residence in the U.S. through SIJS.

How to Petition for SIJ Classification (Form I-360)?

You must submit the following forms and supporting documents to USCIS to petition for SIJ classification:

    • Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant
    • Proof of your Age: You need to submit one of the following: Birth
    • Certificate, Passport, Official identity document issued by a foreign government, such as a cartilage or a cedula, or other documents that sufficiently prove your age.
    • Written consent (PDF) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) if you are in HHS custody and the juvenile court order also changes your custody status or placement.
    • Valid juvenile court order(s) that include or are backed by evidence of the factual basis for the court’s conclusions to make the necessary judgments
    • Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative, if you have an attorney or accredited legal representation.


Within 180 days (about six months) of the formal filing date, USCIS typically takes decisions on SIJ petitions. If you didn’t provide enough proof to prove your eligibility, the case processing clock stops the day USCIS sends you a Request for Evidence (RFE) and starts again the day USCIS gets your RFE response.

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