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An investor visa is a powerful tool that promotes international trade. Investor visas, also known as treaty visas, allow investors and their employees to enter the United States, bringing businesses and jobs with them. If a business person from a certain country plans to either engage in substantial trade with the United States or work for an enterprise that does, then an E-1 visa may be appropriate. It is also beneficial to consult an E-1 visa attorney for a complete personal analysis of your eligibility and help with the application process.

Our Milwaukee immigration lawyers  at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys are here to assist you with your immigration concerns.  We have gained a good reputation amongst Wisconsin residents when it comes to legal matters. Let’s discuss your immigration problem; schedule a free initial consultation with us today!


Why Do I Need an E-1 Visa Attorney in Wisconsin?

Obtaining an E-1 visa status is a complex and lengthy process. In each case, various aspects of the business’s ownership and operation must be proven. These things are proven differently in each case, depending on the circumstances.  Having a trusted E-1 visa attorney on your side can make a difference.

The challenge involving the application process includes heavy documentation and paperwork. With the help of an immigration attorney in Wisconsin, things will get bearable. Our legal team at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys is here to guide you all throughout the immigration process, including: 

  • assist you in determining whether you are eligible for an E-1 visa 
  • providing efficient strategy and resolution to legal matters
  • actively communicating on the status and next steps of the visa process

If you have questions about obtaining an E-1 visa or would like more about immigration laws, call our Milwaukee law firm now. We offer a wide range of immigration services, including Adjustment of Status, Green card, Family immigration, special immigrants, and more.


What is E-1 Visa? 

If you have invested or are planning to invest in the US or if you want to engage in trade between the United States and your home country, you may be eligible for an E-1 or E-2 investor visa.

E-1 visas are granted to individuals who conduct business between the United States and their home country. The United States has entered into treaties with several countries and established the E-1 visa to help citizens of those countries engage in international trading activities.

Who is Eligible for an E-1 Visa?

Given how desirable this visa is, the question becomes who might be eligible for one. To be eligible for an E-1 visa, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  •  be a citizen of a qualifying country
  •  work for a qualifying company
  • be a 50% (or greater) owner or key employee of that company, and
  • be able to demonstrate that the majority of the company’s trade is with the United States.

What is Trade?

Trade refers to the existing international exchange of items for consideration between the US and the treaty country. Trade items include, but are not limited to:

  • Goods
  • Services
  • International banking
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Technology and its transfer
  • Some news-gathering activities.

If you think you are eligible for an E-1 visa and you don’t know how to apply for such, contact our Milwaukee E-1 visa attorney at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys today.

How To Apply for an E-1 visa?

In order to apply for an E-1 visa, an individual needs to complete and present the following documents:

  • A statement outlining the individual’s job title and responsibilities;
  • Documentation demonstrating ongoing trade between the individual’s country and the United States;
  • An affidavit of intent to leave the United States when the E-1 visa expires;
  • Passport of the individual;
  • The individual’s birth certificate and, if married, marriage certificate; and
  • If the individual is already in the United States, a copy of the individual’s U.S. visa and Form I-94 is required.

If you are seeking assistance with your application and documentation, our E-1 visa attorney in Wisconsin is here to help you. Call Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys now!

What is the Length of Stay for E-1 Visa Holders?

Eligible treaty traders and employees will be granted an initial two-year stay. Requests for extensions of stay-in or changes of status to E-1 classification may be granted in two-year increments. An E-1 nonimmigrant may be granted an unlimited number of extensions. When their status expires or is terminated, all E-1 nonimmigrants must maintain an intention to leave the United States.

An E-1 nonimmigrant who travels abroad may be granted if determined admissible by a US consular officer. When returning to the United States as a Customs and Border Patrol Officer, there is an automatic two-year period of readmission.

Can Family Members of E-1 Visa Holders Accompany Them?

Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 may accompany or follow treaty traders and employees. Their nationalities do not have to be the same as those of the treaty trader or employee. Spouses and children may apply for E-1 nonimmigrant status as dependents and, if approved, will typically be granted the same period of stay as the employee.

Suppose the family members are already in the United States and want to change their status to or extend their stay in an E-1 dependent classification. In that case, they can submit a single Form I-539, Application to Change/Extend Nonimmigrant Status, along with the appropriate fee.

Where Do you Apply for an E-1 Visa?

Typically the applicant will apply directly to the US Embassy in the country of their nationality or where they have a legal residence. Although it is possible to get E-1 status from the USCIS in the United States, this is not normally advisable. Once the applicant leaves the US, they will be required to re-submit the application from scratch at their local US Embassy. 

The US Embassy will not honor the E-2 change of status approval. This is one oddity of the E2/E-1 process.

What are the Benefits of an Investor Visa?

There are various advantages of an Investor Visa. This includes:

  • Permission for foreign nationals to work for themselves in the United States. Furthermore, E visas are valid for a maximum of five years and can be renewed and extended in five-year increments as long as the qualifying activity continues.
  • The principal applicant’s spouse and children will be recognized in the same category as the investor and will be eligible for employment authorization for the duration of the E visa.
  • You can file directly with the consular post and do not need USCIS approval;
  • The ability to stay in the United States indefinitely
  • There is no requirement for prior work experience or an advanced degree, and there are no statutory limits on the number of E visas that can be issued.

To learn more about the advantages of an investor visa, it is in your best interest to reach out to our skilled Milwaukee E-1 visa attorney. We will answer any inquiries you may have. Contact us now!

Let Our Milwaukee E-1 Visa Attorney Help You!

E-1 visa application can be a complex process and very time intensive. Immigration laws are not easy to comprehend alone either. To fully understand the process and regulations of an E-1 visa application, talk to our trusted immigration attorneys at Miller & Miller Immigration Attorneys.

Our Milwaukee E-1 visa attorneys have a deep knowledge of immigration laws and know the proper documentation needed to make your visa application successful.  We believe no case is too difficult for us. 

Let our immigration attorneys assist you throughout the immigration process. We also offer legal services involving bankruptcy and personal injury. Schedule a free initial consultation now!

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